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It is amazing to find out how many Tar Heel fans  are out there.

In every state, in many countries there are UNC fans. You will see UNC hats or UNC shirts almost anywhere you go.

Ever wonder why?

Well, at my website ( www.mrtarheel.com ) , I have the Tar Heel fan list where visitors can add their story as to why they are Tar Heel fans. When you look at the reasons folks say they are Tar Heel fans some common words and themes come up time and time again....


Winning the right way


Dean Smith



I think those are the things that make most Tar Heel fans PROUD to be Tar Heel fans. Dean Smith didn't invent them at UNC but he perfected them.

Of course, everyone has their own reasons for supporting the Heels. And, everyone shows their pride in different and unique ways. How about this tattoo!

dean smith tattoo













Now that is passion for your team right there!

Whether you are young or old you can't go wrong following the Tar Heels. Who could argue that representing things like excellence, family, honesty, and sportsmanship is bad?

I say, do the world a favor. Teach a kid about the Tar Heels.




** I came across this Dean Smith story on a Tar Heel message board and wanted to share it with Tar Heel nation...

A friend of mine (who is a State alum, and big Wake fan b/c his Dad went to school there) was signed up to play in a celebrity golf tourney about a month ago due to a company sponsorship. He arrived at the course having no knowledge of who he would be playing with.

At 9 am I got a text message telling me that he was getting ready to tee off and that Dean Smith was in the cart with him. He truly appreciates ACC basketball, so this was a huge thrill for him but I couldn't help but think how the experience was lost on someone with his allegiances.

Anyway, he later told me that Coach Smith was doing quite well and he was very personable and very interestig to talk with. By the way, Dean is no John Daly, but he said he hits it about 185-195 down the pipe - EVERY time.

The funny part of the story came when there was a wait on the 4th tee and the group behind them (Roy Williams' group) caught up while they were sitting on the tee. My friend hit probably his best drive of the day. Roy walked up to him and patted him on the back and said "Man, your really got into that one, didn't you?!" Then Dean, right on cue, said "See Roy, I told you I always could recruit better than you!"



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