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Carolina Coaching Quotes

“If the mailman stopped everytime a dog barked the mail wouldn’t get delivered.” Roy on whether or not he listens to punditsĀ    Don’t let a day pass when you don’t do something for someone who can’t repay you. “If you treat every situation as a life-and-death matter, you’ll die lots of times.” “Basketball is […]

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UNC Basketball 2013-2014

Marcus Paige said it best: I think we have a lot of pieces come back that can help us make a run that far or get deep into being one of the top five, top-10 teams in the country. Until we start playing games, those rankings don’t mean anything. It shows we have a lot […]

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The 1982 Season

Great Read! From “Tar Heel Monthly” Twenty years ago next month, over 61,000 people in attendance and millions watching on television witnessed legend in the making. Simply put, on March 29th, 1982, the University of North Carolina basketball team won the NCAA Championship. But as the years have passed, we now know something more was […]

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